(Unglamorous) Self-Care

Yesterday, I took a bath in the middle of the day. Then I took another one today.

It wasn’t glamorous. I have a terribly sore throat and nasty cough, I had to clean the tub first, and I could hear my kids the entire time (one of them even stopped in to visit me).

But I did it.

These little things — baths, naps, yoga — these can seem like luxuries, whether I’m sick or not. How dare I? There are dishes to be done. Children to educate. Floors to wash.

Isn’t it luxury enough that I get to stay home all day with my kids? Who do I think I am?!

I’m a stay-at-home mom. There will always be dishes and floors and every other thing. That’s part of the deal. Instead of waiting for chores to be “finished” (hint: there’s no such thing) or the occasional day off, I get to decide how to take care of myself everyday.

Sometimes, I need a nap. I need tea and oranges. I need a bath in the middle of the day.

Someday, my kids will grow up and they might need those things, too. When that time comes, I hope they’ll remember the day Mom set up their cardboard castle and promptly fell asleep on the couch.